Welcome! We are thrilled to announce our performances and workshops featured online. As you explore the diverse offerings, please note the performance availability date range and grade recommendations. While recommendations have been made, these performances can be enjoyed by all, so we hope you won’t let this stop you from investigating something that piques your interest, or you think may be of interest to your students or family members.

Most offerings are pre-recorded for you to access at your convenience within a certain window of time. Live offerings that require a commitment to a specific date and time include the series Into the Soup with Rebecca and The University of Wonder and Imagination.

Resource materials are available, making it simple for you to enhance the learning experience and engage students in meaningful ways. Once registered, you will receive log-in information to the password protected site. 

Take some time on this page to explore the performance and workshop descriptions, and note your selections, before you click the button below to register.

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