Welcome to your next McCallum favorite! The Maestro & The European Pop Orchestra is a contemporary pop orchestra led by orchestra leader and violin soloist Guido Dieteren. Together with singer and wife Wendy Kokkelkoren, Guido and his orchestra prove that pop and classical blend harmoniously. The pop meets classic music style guarantees a musical total experience full of romance, emotion, passion and energy.


The European Pop Orchestra is a professional and energetic pop orchestra, consisting of a pop band and a classical orchestra in one. This unique combination allows the vibrant orchestra to play almost any musical genre and bridge the gap between pop and classical. With nine Platinum and two Gold records, and over 3 million tickets sold, The Maestro & The European Pop Orchestra is the perfect way to start the New Year!



Presented through the generosity of:

Patti & Milledge Hart - Jan. 12

Shelly & Ron Tamkin - Jan. 13


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