In this wild, insightful romp, Mireya shares her unorthodox path to becoming a world-renowned scientist and popular TV Host with a behind-the-scenes look at her career—near-death experiences in the Congo, discovering the world’s smallest primate in Madagascar, trekking across Africa with three companions in the footsteps of Stanley and Livingstone with nothing but a compass, a few maps, and Stanley’s original journals, and her real-life drama, juggling a family of 8+1!



She also delights audiences with her current search through the backwoods of North America for evidence of the legendary apelike creature known as Bigfoot, in the Travel Channel’s current hit, Expedition Bigfoot. Driving all of her work as a global advocate for the natural world and her modern family, are Mireya’s core values and beliefs.  Time with her is a reminder that we are all connected and nobody should reject their own dreams.

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