Choreography by both emerging and established dancemakers takes center stage in McCallum’s popular festival, now in its 21st year. Exciting original dances in a number of styles are performed by companies from across the nation and abroad with winners announced at the conclusion of each performance. Highlighting dance as an art form, this event always delivers an interesting mix of work by inventive artists.


Saturday, November 10, 7pm - Professional Companies

Suzanne Haag/Eugene Ballet Company (Eugene, OR), Kristian Lever/Klever Dance (Hamburg, Germany), Danielle Rowe/SFDanceworks (San Francisco, CA), Bryn Cohn/Bryn Cohn + Artists (Los Angeles, CA), Christian Denice/METDance (Houston, TX), Jared Doster (Huntsville, TX), Gary Franco/Infinite Flow (Los Angeles, CA), Manuel Vignoulle/M/motions (New York, NY), Sean Aaron Carmon (New York, NY), Aidan Carberry (Los Angeles, CA), Tales Between Our Legs (Los Angeles, CA)  and Erik Saradpon/FORMALITY (Temecula, CA)


Lifetime Achievement Award presentation: Glorya Kaufman



Sunday, November 11, 4pm – Pre-professional Companies

Haley Johnson/SALT Contemporary Dance (Pleasant Grove, UT), Jacob Montoya/Hawkins School of Performing Arts (Folsom, CA), Autumn Eckman/Autumn Eckman Dance (Tucson, AZ), Sarah Hardcastle-Levy/SBCC Dance Company (Santa Barbara, CA), Dasha Tertova (Los Angeles), Cassie Dzienny/Los Angeles Ballet Academy (Los Angeles, CA), McKell Lemon/Chapman University (Orange, CA), Ami Mattison/Mattidance (Los Angeles, CA), Erik Saradpon/Temecula Dance Company (Temecula, CA),  Annette Barcelona/San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts (San Diego, CA), Melissa Bobick/University of Utah (Salt Lake City, UT), Melissa Jackson/Dance Connection (Scottsdale, AZ), Loren Picciarelli (Los Angeles, CA), Dacia Biletnikoff (San Francisco, CA)


Powerful performances by local students in East Valley Dance Project and The Studio Project





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