Bill Murray, actor

Jan Vogler, cello

Mira Wang, violin

Vanessa Perez, piano


Bill Murray as you have never seen him before!  Murray became friends with cellist Jan Vogler in New York.  Curious about each other’s artistic world and interests, they decided to work together on New Worlds, a new project that showcases the core of American values in literature and music.  Along with violin and piano, the Hollywood-A-lister and virtuosic cellist perform a program that celebrates Murray’s love for classical music and the strong artistic voices that have influenced generations of artists.  Murray will read Hemingway, Capote and Mark Twain, dance a tango, and sing on the McCallum Theatre stage.  Works by Bach, Piazzolla, Ravel and Bernstein complete an evening where music and literature meet in a kaleidoscope of words and notes.


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