Choreography by both emerging and established dancemakers take center stage in McCallum’s popular festival, now in its 19th year. Exciting original dances in a number of styles are performed by companies from across the nation with winners announced at the conclusion of each performance. Highlighting dance as an art form, this event always delivers an interesting mix of work by inventive artists.


Saturday, November 12, 7pm - Professional Companies


Ting-Ting Chang/T.T.C. Dance (Taiwan), Joshua Beamish/MOVETHECOMPANY (Canada), Nicole Haskins/Smuin Ballet (San Francisco, CA), Mariana Oliveira/The Union Project Dance Company (Los Angeles, CA), Angela Dice Nguyen/The MoveMessenger(s) (San Francisco, CA), Laura Karlin/Invertigo Dance Theatre (Los Angeles, CA), Seda Aybay/Kybele Dance Theater (Los Angeles, CA), Jamie Carbetta Hammond/Pony Box Dance Theatre (Long Beach, CA), Melissa Barak/Barak Ballet (Santa Monica, CA) and Will Johnston & Marissa Osato/Entity Contemporary Dance (Los Angeles, CA)


Lifetime Achievement Award presentation: Lois Greenfield




Sunday, November 13, 4pm – Pre-professional Companies


Natalie Willes/Carousel Dance Company (West Hills, CA), Karen Chuang & Diana Schoenfield (Los Angeles, CA), Jason Martin/Chapman University (Orange, CA), Kelli Leighton/Leighton Dance Project (Folsom, CA), Kelly Archer (Broomfield, CO), David & Crystal Zibalese/Dance Creations (Simi Valley, CA), Lexi Viernes/Lexi Viernes Dance Project (Irvine, CA), Matthew Kubitz/Chapman University (Orange, CA), Tracy Kofford/SBCC Dance Company (Santa Barbara, CA), McClaine Timmerman/University of California Irvine (Irvine, CA), Melissa Jackson (New York), Conny Mathot/Los Angeles Youth Ballet Theater (Los Angeles, CA) and Jacob Montoya (Sacramento, CA)


Powerful performances by local students in East Valley Dance Project and Studio Project

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