In this intimate solo concert, featuring a mix of music and personal storytelling, singer-songwriter and composer Meklit invites us on a compelling musical journey, reminding us that a strum and melody are all we need to sing truth into the world. Born in Ethiopia, Meklit came to the US as a young child and her music sways between cultures and continents. In addition to rocking stages from Addis Ababa (where she is a household name) to San Francisco (her beloved home-base), and around the world, she is a National Geographic Explorer, a TED Senior Fellow, and a former Artist-in-Residence at Harvard University.


Recommended Grades: 7-12
Length: 40 minutes

Connections: language (english/amharic), writing, storytelling, music, voice, performance, self-expression, ethiopia, roots, culture, migration


“…one of the jazz world's most innovative modern artists."