McCallum Theatre Education is currently exploring an online performance series for the 20-21 school year. Please continue to visit this page for more information or e-mail Joanna Fookes, Education Program Manager, at to receive e-mail notifications.


With its Field Trip Series, McCallum Theatre Education invites teachers and students to experience high-quality dance, music, and theater. These performances lend themselves to investigation and provide students with an opportunity to befriend the live performing arts and the world of cultural affairs. Consider this series a standing invitation to utilize a performance as a non-print text* for study in order to increase student engagement and enrich learning experiences. How can attending a field trip performance shape students’ ideas and understanding of the world and their place in it? The Learning Links study guide materials make it simple for teachers and parents to connect performance experiences with the core curriculum in ways that meaningfully support student learning across the curriculum. The Field Trip Series is based on the premise that the arts are important and necessary to the learning process and provide students with unique possibilities for growth and development.


*Non-print text: any medium/text that creates meaning through sound or images or both, such as symbols, words, songs, speeches, pictures, and illustrations not in traditional print form; including those seen on computers, films, and in the environment.


Funding for the Field Trip Series is provided in part by The Coeta and Donald Barker Foundation, The Gannett Foundation, Newman’s Own, Palm Springs Friends of the Philharmonic, and U.S. Trust - Bank of America. View a complete list of donors.