Executive Assistant, 57, Palm Desert

Why Open Call?

I have attended many Open Call performances and I am always impressed with the quality of the performers and the production itself. It looked like so much fun to be a part of. If not now, then when? In the years since my children have become adults, I have had more time to revisit my interests from years ago, including singing. I've resumed voice lessons and enjoy working on the artform. Open Call is another experience toward developing this craft of communicating through song.



I am inspired by music itself. My father was a big classical music fan. The music was on every minute that he was in the house - opera, symphony, choral works, sacred pieces, etc. In addition, I have always enjoyed musical expression through singing. It just takes me to my happy place, whether I'm singing alone or with a group. It just feels good. Music communicates in a way that is deeper somehow. I love the combination of melody, rhythm and the poetry of the lyric. I also enjoy the learning process of hearing a piece for the first time, learning all the layering of melody, lyric, expression, memorization and I find it satisfying to get to the point that I can make that unfamiliar piece come to life and share it with others.



I'm not sure I have ever thought about what my own motto is as a performer. I guess, "tell the story" through music so others can hear the composer's message.



To do justice to the wonderful repertoire that great composers have left as their legacy. There is so much wonderful music and much of it is sincerely difficult to sing that mastery is never fully mastered.