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Why Open Call?

Christine: Honestly, I did it on a whim. For years I have dreamed of performing at Open Call but I never had the courage or confidence. A few hours before the deadline I just chose one of the best videos I had and hit send, not expecting anything. I auditioned for my son and our future.


Miguel: I had been intimidated for years to even try to audition for anything. Though I've performed throughout the years, I've never been part of a talent show or competition. I needed to face my fears to continue to succeed in this area of my life. Also, Christine Michele was bold enough to enter us into it.



Christine: I am inspired by my friend and vocal coach Carrie St.Louis. We performed together at the McCallum twenty years ago with Onstage Theatre Company. It was her dream to be on Broadway and play Glinda in Wicked. Well, her dream came true. Her hard work, dedication and perseverance inspire me. For the past year I’ve worked hard on my vocal technique with her. I still have a lot to learn but she has instilled so much confidence in me.


Miguel: I've always had an affinity to the stage, to be a performer. If I had to narrow it down, I would say Jimi Hendrix is my inspiration. He was always present in his performances and you could see in his face and body language that he was having the time of his life. As a duo, I would say our inspiration comes from each other. Seeing how hard each of us works to overcome obstacles and continue improving.



Christine: Everything happens for a reason.


Miguel: There's you, and there's them. They're here to see you.



Christine: To make a living doing what I love, performing.


Miguel: To perform for 50,000 people.