Teaching Artists


Become a Teaching Artist with McCallum Theatre Education!


McCallum Theatre Education is looking for artists in dance, theater, music and the visual arts to join the Theatre’s faculty of Teaching Artists (TAs) in 2023-24.


TA’s facilitate inquiry-based learning experiences focused around specific works of art as part of The Aesthetic Education Program and carry out activities in partnership classrooms in schools across the Valley and at McCallum Theatre on a project basis. Starting hourly facilitation rate is $35-50 based on previous experience with aesthetic education practice. 


The ideal candidate is a professional artist with a BA or higher academic degree and professional experience in one or multiple artistic disciplines, or one who has an extensive body of professional experience equivalent to such degree. They are curious and ready to learn in and through the arts alongside students, teachers and other TAs, and possess strong collaboration and communication skills.


Experience with inquiry-based learning is a plus but not necessary. McCallum Theatre Education provides basic and advanced training in aesthetic education and offers mentorships by experienced faculty members. Ideal candidates for a TA position are open to constructive feedback and willing to try and apply new information, actions, tools and strategies.


Well matched professional artists demonstrate:

  • Mastery in their own art form
  • A willingness to learn and facilitate workshops within the established practice/methodology of McCallum’s Aesthetic Education Program
  • Effective two-way communication skills - speaking and listening
  • Interest in the art of questioning: conscious, deliberate, focused
  • Attention to organization of ideas, structure and time
  • Ability to translate ideas into tangible activities
  • A flexible mind-set
  • Ability to self-reflect and self-correct, and receive input from others
  • A keen interest in working with children and adults facilitating meaningful engagements with specific works of art
  • An ability to bring joy and energy into a learning experience


Prerequisites: Availability to take on project-based work during the 2023-24 school year in the Coachella Valley and a current driver’s license with access to a vehicle for traveling to and from school sites.


To apply, use this link and attach a full resume.