Myth and Infrastructure & This World Made Itself
By Miwa Matreyek

2018 Summer Institute

Jun 14, 2018

Los Angeles-based multimedia performance artist Miwa Matreyek creates magical, visually rich fusions of intricate animation and live performance that leave ...

Mexico de Tierra a Mar
Performed by Pacifico Dance Company featuring Mariachi Los Toros

2018 Summer Institute

Jun 15, 2018

Featuring dances from many different parts of Mexico, Pacifico carefully preserves the traditional dance forms of the past, as well ...

The Boy Who Could Sing Pictures
Performed by David Gonzalez with Daniel Kelly, Piano

2018 Summer Institute

Jun 20, 2018

Award-winning artist David Gonzalez returns with two stories that promise to engage audiences of all ages. In the first one, ...