Broaden the horizons of your classroom. Experience the vibrant world of the arts at the McCallum!

With its Field Trip Series, the McCallum Theatre Institute invites teachers and students to experience high-quality dance, music and theater performances which lend themselves to investigation and provide students with an opportunity to befriend the live performing arts and the world of cultural affairs. Consider this series a standing invitation to utilize a performance as a non-print text for study to increase student engagement, and enrich learning experiences. How can attending a performance on this Series help shape students’ ideas and understanding of the world and their place in it?

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Developing imagination, creativity and innovation through education and the arts!

The Aesthetic Education Program places the arts at the center of inquiry-driven learning experiences that include attendance at McCallum performances and exhibits. Teachers and students who partner with the Institute are encouraged to be curious, ask questions and rigorously explore works of art to awaken imaginative learning. Designed to cultivate perceptual abilities and higher thinking skills, this year’s program serves 275 teachers and 8,250 students in 27 local schools. Over seventeen hundred individual workshops are facilitated by MTI teaching artists in partnering classrooms across the valley, preparing students for deeper and more meaningful encounters with works of art.

"Aesthetic education can be plugged into every part of the school's curriculum. When it is plugged in, like electricity, it charges things up. Students light up, and come alive. They think, create, and change. Aesthetic education should be an important part of Common Core. The emphasis is on thinking deeply and exploring a variety of ways of thinking. I predict the partnership will be strengthened by this new shift in education."

- Dave Hart, Cathedral City Elementary School, Cathedral City

"By having the MTI come to the school, a new level of sophistication is brought to the students…a next generation of viewers, who have little to no concept of the big, bright, beautiful world that exists beyond the fields that surround the school."

- Dr. Eric Stein-Steel, Las Palmitas Elementary School, Thermal

This Valley-wide talent competition is a perfect opportunity to showcase your talent! If you sing, dance, play an instrument, juggle, do magic, comedy, or another self-contained novelty act, here's your chance to perform at the McCallum.

Dedicated to the advancement of dance as an art form, specifically through the support and promotion of quality choreography.
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