Make the McCallum an Educational Destination for your Students!

With the Field Trip Series the Institute offers high quality performances in music, dance, and theatre to the youth of the region. The Series is based on the premise that the arts are important and necessary to the learning process and provide students with unique possibilities for growth and development.

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Sometimes schools offer correspondence following student performances.

Music: J.S. Bach: The Goldberg Variations

Sleeping Beauty artwork and thank you letters to McCallum teaching artist Mark Almy from Ms. Mattison’s 4th grade students at Bubbling Wells Elementary School in Desert Hot Springs. Responses to New York Storyteller David Gonzalez putting his spin on Charles Perrault’s The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood.

Music: Island Groove by Taikoproject

Taikoproject artwork by 1st grade students in Jan Johnson’s classroom at Washington Charter Elementary School in Palm Desert.  From this concert of Japanese drumming, youngsters embraced the visuals and created their own images to reflect these colorful masterpieces.

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Arts, Inquiry and Imagination!

The Aesthetic Education Program places the arts at the center of inquiry-driven learning experiences that include attendance at McCallum performances and exhibits. Teachers and students who partner with the Institute are encouraged to be curious, ask questions and rigorously explore works of art to awaken imaginative learning. Designed to cultivate perceptual abilities and higher thinking skills, this year’s program serves 245 teachers and 7470 students in 27 local schools. Over seventeen hundred individual workshops are facilitated by MTI teaching artists in partnering classrooms across the valley, preparing students for deeper and more meaningful encounters with works of art.

“A curriculum in aesthetic education, then, is always in process, as we who are teachers try to make possible a continuing enlargement of experience. There must be open-mindedness and a sense of exploration; there must be breaks with ordinariness and stock response. If this is how we approach curriculum, there may be a new readiness, a new ripeness in our students and even in ourselves. There may be an increasing awareness of things in their particularity, of beauty and variety, and form. People may be brought to watch and to listen with heightened attentiveness and care. The questions may keep coming. We can ask no more of ourselves.”
- Maxine Greene

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McCallum Theatre partners with schools to bring art to students.

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This Valley-wide talent competition is a perfect opportunity to showcase your talent! If you sing, dance, play an instrument, juggle, do magic, comedy, or another self-contained novelty act, here's your chance to perform at the McCallum.

Open Call 2013 Winners
Open Call 2013 Slideshow
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